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Published on 2017 Juillet 27

Bike-IT is a united sporting achievement organized by Cargill International SA: 10 hours to cover 1650km on training bikes and 60 participants for this mad race.
We extend our heartiest thanks to Mélanie Halff, Stuart Barber, Jonathan Cook and Sylvain Pralon, the Bike-IT organizers.
This great energy helped raise the sum of CHF 3'000,- in favour of the Paint a Smile foundation.

Crédit Suisse Genève

Published on 2017 Janvier 02

En ce moment au Crédit Suisse Genève se déroule une jolie action en faveur de Paint a Smile.
Dans le cadre de l'exposition qui leur est dédiée, la maison Caran d'Ache met du matériel de beaux-arts à disposition pour décorer des boules de Noël. Pour chaque boule décorée, le Crédit Suisse reverse 1 CHF à la Fondation.

Venez nombreux participer à l'atelier et à l'œuvre collective "Swiss tree@2 place Bel Air", installée au cœur du hall principal du bâtiment. Cette animation a lieu jusqu'au samedi 14 janvier 2017.
Merci au Crédit Suisse et à la maison Caran d'Ache pour ce magnifique soutien !

> Découvrez la vidéo de l'évènement !

> Découvrez IZI Travel

Published on 2016 Décembre 15

Published on 2016 Décembre 01

Le salon des Automnales s'est déroulé du 11 au 20 novembre 2016

Merci d'avoir été aussi nombreux sur le stand Gavroche Ballons pour découvrir un « Fantastic World » peuplé de personnages et d’animaux tout aussi fantastiques.

Paint a Smile était mis à l’honneur grâce à leur action : un ballon sculpté : 1 don à Paint a Smile !
Nous avons pu récolter 3'253 CHF !

Un grand merci à la générosité et au soutien de Gavroche Ballons. Un grand bravo pour leur talent, une équipe tout simplement géniale ! Merci Anouk Burdet , merci Zazou Desiles, merci Luce pour ces centaines de ballons gonflés et sculptés !

Published on 2016 Septembre 19

Städtisches Krankenhaus Kiel

Published on 2016 Septembre 09

The painting project is complete and was inaugurated Friday, August 12, 2016!

Two departments were painted: the consulting and the hospitalisation departments.
The theme "Children of the World" now adorns the corridors. It was selected by the hospital to reflect all the nationalities present in Kiel, so that children can return to a familiar landscape or aspect of their culture.

The paint artists have now headed to new pictorial adventures.
You can find photos of inpatient and ambulatory emergency departments here and the outpatient department here.

And of course don't hesitate to check out our FB page!




Published on 2016 Septembre 09

Anières’ Promotions Festival

Paint a Smile provided a framework for three kindergarten and primary school classes to produce a mural measuring 7 metres on the theme of Pop Art. The painting will be displayed in the school as a remembrance of this event.

A "Photo booth" workshop was also proposed. Giant brushes, wigs and various accessories were available allowing for unlimited playful variations of poses and smiles. Photos printed on the spot were offered to the children.

It was a wonderful day! Thank you for the welcome, and congratulations to the children for their creativity!

Städtisches Krankenhaus

Published on 2016 Avril 26

Paint a Smile very first project in Germany, our team is now at the Kiel's Städtisches Krankenhaus and obviously in full brainstorming ! We wish them the very best of luck !

Das erste “Paint a Smile” Projekt in Deutschland hat begonnen! Unser Team ist im Städtischen Krankenhaus Kiel beim “Brainstorming” und anscheinend munter dabei! Schiff ahoi !


Published on 2016 Avril 20

We'll be there from April 22 to 24! Come in large number and  participate in our animation "Smile Painting". Visit us  at booth 8002 - Hall 7  at Palexpo Genève. You will also have a unique opportunity to discover one of the iconic automation kindly lent by our partner Caran D'Ache. More details about the programme here!

Published on 2016 Février 29

The pediatric ENT unit is a new world, made of five corridor continents, five creations, each with their own colourful climate and atmosphere, a huge adventure playground for the tour of the now famous musical group "The Glottes Trotters".
The completion of this beautiful project will soon be unveiled. It can be discovered here!

 Thank you to our partner  

Published on 2016 Février 02

The work carried out by JonOne at the launch of Chromatic PPG Industries' colour chart and offered to the Paint a Smile Foundation will be auctioned by ARTCURIAL Sunday, February 14, 2016 at 16h.

The proceeds from this sale will help finance the design project for the Children's Hospital of the French Red Cross in Margency.

7, Rond-point des Champs-Elysées
F - 75008 Paris

 A big Thank You to  



and the artiste JonOne.

Published on 2016 Janvier 04

5 weeks of painting have begun!
Our painters are now embellishing the ENT unit of the Necker Hospital for the enjoyment of families and staff.

 Thank You to our partner  

Les Automnales 2015

Published on 2015 Novembre 09

“Les Automnales”: 13 – 22 November. Come with your friends to our booth to participate in our tombola,
and win one of 5 prizes offered by Caran D'Ache, our colour partner.
Painting workshops for children in the presence of a professional artist will also take place on weekends and Wednesday, from 12:00 – 17:00.

10th Edition of the "Colours Team "

Published on 2015 Octobre 21

There are many ways to support our activities.
Over the past 10 years, “The Colours Team” has participated annually in the “Escalade” race to support the realisation of our projects.
“The Colours Team” includes over 200 participants in corporate teams, or with friends and families.

Saturday 5 December: the race
> Registration for the Escalade Race CHF 30.-  before 1 November
> Registration for the Colours Team CHF 35.- (in addition to the official registration for the race), students CHF 20.- before 10 November.
> Our Smile Team will welcome participants in the warm Restaurant of the Parc des Bastions, where a booth, drinks, snacks and a table for each team of participants will be at their disposal.
> Children will be welcomed to a table for games and activities throughout the day.

Friday 4 December: the walk
> Participants and their personal belongings will be transported to Veyrier by minibus, for the Friday evening walk.
> A welcome team with hot drinks and vitamins will be found 200m from the start.
> Arrival: Rendezvous at the crêpes bar of the Restaurant of the Parc des Bastions

To give you an idea of the atmosphere of these sports days, please view our 2014 photos:

For subscription requests, please contact:
Laura : or at 079 202 03 82


 Thank you to our partners




EMS Val Fleuri

Published on 2015 Septembre 01

The prototypes are complete, Rendezvous 15 September to create the decor.
 First step, the 4th floor of Building 4D of the EMS Val Fleuri!


This project was financed by 


Thank you to our radio partner 


The Orée-des-Bois School

Published on 2015 Juin 01

And here we go for a fortnight of work in one of the units of the Renée Delafontaine Foundation, which welcomes daily 24 children with multiple disabilities, aged between 7-18 years.

A big thank you to the Domaine Impérial Golf Club team in Gland "members4members/charity", which organised a competition on 20 June to raise the funds required to achieve this project.

This project was financed by 


Necker Hospital - Neurosurgery

Published on 2015 Mars 12

After 9 weeks of work, the team wrapped up its paintbrushes.

A big thank you to Laetitia, the Godmother of the project and representative of the association “les Ptits Courageux” (the Courageous Little Ones). 

Explore the project here!

This project was financed by  



Necker Hospital - Inauguration

Published on 2015 Mars 09

Inauguration of the new decorations in the presence of Myrtille, Godmother of the Project, SC JOHNSON and Professor Damien Bonnet, chief of the paediatric cardiology department.

After 14 weeks of work, the team has put away its paintbrushes, leaving behind magnificent decoration.

"Thanks to this great team that beautifies a sad world. They give courage and joy to everyone."
Angele, mother of a child in the cardiology unit of the hospital.

”Thank you, thank you, thank you ! You did a magnificent job, and it will be very helpful as we try to smile when we see our little one in the intensive care unit!”
Yannick, father of a child in the resuscitation unit.

Explore the photos of the hospitalisation - consultation sector
Explore the photos of the Intensive care unit


Necker Hospital - Part 2

Published on 2015 Janvier 21

And here we go for 4 weeks of work with a team of 6 artist painters to decorate the resuscitation sector of the paediatric cardiology unit.

To explore the first phase achieved in autumn 2014, click here!

La Cassagne School

Published on 2015 Janvier 02

Decoration project at La Cassagne, a specialised school for physically handicapped children and adolescents in Lausanne, Switzerland

A three-week project with a team of six painters, it was realised mainly during the Christmas holidays to begin a colourful New Year!

Discover the project in images here!

Testimonial from a student:

“Thank you, I think it’s cool that you draw handicapped children.”

  This project was ralised thanks to the support of our partner  



Colour Team: 9th Edition!

Published on 2014 Novembre 03

A beautiful rejuvenation programme with 25 energised walkers, 120 highly motivated children and 80 exhilarated runners – topped off once again with an exceptional staff!!!

"What nice energy circulated in the Colours Team that first Saturday of December in Geneva!
To be consumed without moderation!
Nathalie, Godmother of the Colours Team

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